Transformation for the Therapist Retreats with Jennifer Tribe

A day to rewrite and make peace with our past, discover our passion and purpose and supercharge our future.

Why do I need to transform?
It's incredible what we've learned to believe about our worthiness to live a life of abundant creativity and joy.

Whether we were told that 'money doesn't grow on trees", or "I want doesn't get" among so many other inherited sayings which were, frankly: 'shit'.

Yes S.H.I.T... it comes from the old acronym for the barges loaded with boxes of cow dung as it floated down the river: Ship High in Transit..or so we were led to believe. You'll see by clicking on the link that this isn't true.
The old tales seem compelling don't they?
That's how these urban myths become legends- just as family folklore becomes accepted for truth.

How did that happen?
Because we learned them from people we were brought up to trust and believe.
However they were doing their best with what they knew.

Jennifer will show you...
and she loves the analogy...
that we are still all hauling and dragging this shit-filled barge behind us!

Why carry on lugging this heavy weight of perceived responsibility around with us thinking that 'one day I'll sort it out' when we 'get time'....
Imagine just letting go of it..right NOW!

YES.. because... NOW we know better..
Feels good doesn't it?!

Who is this day for?

  • Therapists who feel stuck in a rut, unable to focus on where they are going, distracting by perceived obligations to others.
  • Those who feel unworthy of earning a life sustaining income for doing work they love.
  • Those feeling inadequate and unable to find their life purpose.
  • Those living in a world of lack driven by fear and wishing to make peace with the past and reconnect with their source energy.
    • What are the benefits of attending?

      • You will explore where our learned behaviours come from and by introducing energy techniques to trace where the beliefs originate we can shift and convert them into rockets of focus, determination, passion and creativity.
      • You will make connections and new friendships with like minded therapists

        • with common objectives to get the best out of your work:life balance.
          • You will leave with a physical planner of what to do next and an outline of how your new self awareness will be shaped by chunking down what you need to do to implement what you have learned.
            • How will I feel afterwards?

              • The aim is that you will leave feeling relaxed and connected to a wonderful community and excited to be part of The Transformationation Tribe with ongoing support if you choose.
              • If you are concerned about a history of personal traumatic issues please advise Jennifer first so that she may be fully prepared to ensure your safety and support you as fully as possible.

                • Where will it be held?
                  • We have the large beautiful light Garden Room and Water Courtyard - a beautful private outdoor area to spread ourselves around and enjoy the spring air and the seasonal foliage and flowers.
                    • What is included?
                      A £10 voucher is included for lunch from the Courtyard Cafe with a variety of dishes which will be ordered in advance. The menu can be viewed here. Please advise of any dietary requirements particularly allergies/ sensitivities. (There will be no reimbursements of this amount should you wish to bring your own lunch as we are encouraged to use the facilities available and they have gorgeous cakes available!).
                      Light refreshments will be included.Thank you.
                      A Planner Work Book is included.

                      What do I bring?
                      Apart from an open heart and mind, you may find it useful to bring a wrap, yoga mat and a cushion for floor work sitting in a pow wow type set up or if you choose to sit on the floor. ( Please advise of any mobility considerations to optimise your experience).
                      A reusable drinks container or water bottle to save on the environment.
                      A workbook and pen will be available to use though you may wish to bring a favourite writing implement and some colouring pen/cils.

                      How to get there?
                      Just south of Fakenham
                      Directions link: NR21 0LN
                      Venue:Pensthorpe Natural Park
                      Ample parking and 30-40 mins from Norwich and King's Lynn

                      OK so how do I BOOK MY PLACE? (click here).

                      The cost is £125 and you can reserve with a nonrefundable deposit of £60
                      Deposit non refundable - £60
                      Full Payment - £125
                      Places are limited so be quick to confirm and
                      Click here for PAYMENT details

                      Refunds only available if event cancelled.
                      If you cannot come you may find a replacement who can pay you.
                      No refunds within 4 weeks of the event.

                      GDPR -by responding and signing up to attend you agree that we can contact you by email and mobile and contact you regarding future events. There will be a form on the day to confirm these terms and conditions.
                      Looking forward to meeting you!

                      It's all perfect,


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